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A  Special  Thank You from USARA to the Episcopal Church for their involvement in the churches past history in the enslavement of Black Americans in this Country  and taking the Giant Step of Recovery and Reparations for Black Americans with Cash Payments or Committee Outreach.  Your Efforts are Noticed !  USARA is ready to help you advance all  Actions           

U S A R A,  INC.

A Special Thank You 

To  Black Lawyers for Justice / Malik Shabazz,Esq.

and other Members of the New Black Panther Party for the Request of the Emmet Till murder who is a survivor in Raliegh ,North Carolina . A special protest on behalf of the family for Emmet Till and all People for Civil Rights in this country. 


Our Ancestors are Among US !!!


                                          ​E N D  D O M E S T I C  

       T E R R I O I S T  &  T E R R O R I S M           in the U.S.A






 I. West Point Military Academy - Portrait Removal  ( June 03 ,2022 ) 

                         (  Confederate Militia Portrait of Robert E. Lee )

       Time to End the " Student Service Members Visual Trauma "

  Thank You for Removing the Slave Owner ,Traitor and Terrorist     

                   " Your Superintendent is a True American Patriot ! "                                                                    Lieutenant General, Darryl A. Williams

II.  Washington ,D.C. - Removing Fixtures

1. Chief Justice,John Marshall ( Fixture )-U.S District Court Plaza & D.C. Superior Court, Wrote U.S. Slave Code on Black Americans to Remain Enslaved . Change the Name of U.S. Marshalls to Justice Officers 

2. Archbishop J.Carroll ,High School - Comptroller of the Roman Catholic Church for the U.S. Slave Trade 

3. John Witherspoon ( Fixture ) - President of Princeton University ( Owned Enslaved Americans )  

4. Daniel Webster ( Fixture ) - Secretary of State ( Owned Enslaved Americans )

5. Andrew Jackson ( Laffeyette Sq,White House ) - 7th  President of the U.S. ( Owned Enslaved Americans )

6. Christopher Columbus ( Union Station Fixture ) - Explorer , Exploited & Raped Native Owners of America

7. U.S. Capitol Interior Fixtures - Removal of Slave Owners ,Anti Civil Rights , Confederate Militia Service Members

8. Pentagon  - Hall of Heros ? Confederate Militia Fixtures and Symbols , Rename Fort Bragg to  ( Fort Tubman ) 

Thank You to the Mayor and the City Council for the Name Change of W.Wilson High to Jackson/Reed High


III. Removal of Public Injury Fixture Reminders located at Opelousas Louisiana 102 yrs.

1. Confederate Militia Fixture removed from  Saint Landry Parish Court Yard May 10, 2022

" Thank You to the Elected Officials and Residents for Embracing American Patriotism ! " 

IV. Thank You to New Gloucester ,Maine - New Gloucester United Against Racism ,Mday

 1 ."A special Thank You for the Reminder to the Confederates they are not welcomed in                                                                      the  State of  Maine. "  





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